Window Blinds – The Home Furnishing Revolution

Window Blinds

With the passing of time, window blind technology and design has made some huge advances, giving home owners more stylish choice than ever before.

Blinds come in many different styles, from traditional Venetian, through Roman & Vertical blinds, all the way to modern, Vision style manual or motorised, remote operated blinds.

With the latest craze being for smart devices and automated homes, not only can you operate your heating and lighting remotely via your smartphone, but now you can operate your blinds and curtains too. 

Random movements when you are not at home create the impression for anyone inclined to notice such things that the house is occupied. Blinds opening and closing, along with lights turning off and on all give the impression of habitation.

window blinds

In addition, who wouldn’t want a little James Bond gadgetry in their lives?

Voice operation is easy to set up using Siri or Alexa, for the full high tech home experience.

With home automation you can even schedule your blinds or curtains to open and close at specified times of day.

This can be a great way to wake up naturally each morning without the intrusive shock and awe noise of an alarm clock.

Modern window blinds are so versatile and have so many different designs, materials, patterns and styles that there is a blind for every taste.

Made to measure services ensure that your blinds will not only look stunning, but will work perfectly too.

Stylish blinds have the power to transform the appearance of your home. Enhancing your decor and furnishings.

Blinds can be installed on almost any window shape & materials can even be material and colour matched if required.

Quality blinds transform houses into homes.

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