Photography Like Professionals

Professional Photography Skills

There are many shortcuts, tips and tricks that photography professionals use to take better photos every time.

Once you have taken enough pictures to be totally familiar with your camera, you will have a few starting points for your cameras settings for different subjects. After all, if you are taking a panoramic photo you have a different shutter speed, aperture setting and ISO starting point than if you are taking fast moving action shots which may need a 1/500th of a second shutter speed, dictating a much larger aperture.

If you want to take a photo with depth of field then you will need the largest aperture that your zoom lens allows, meaning that you might need to adjust your shutter speed and or ISO to balance the light.

Many wedding images are taken indoors and are not posed, meaning that you will need a quite fast shutter to freeze the subjects, while also keeping your images light often without using a flash in often dark church settings.

This can make wedding photography a huge challenge for all but the more experienced and confident photographers.

With a wedding there are no do overs, you can’t stage a lot of the ceremony images, you will either get them right or you won’t and the bride will be quite cross if you cock it up!

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