Window Blinds – The Home Furnishing Revolution

Window Blinds

With the passing of time, window blind technology and design has made some huge advances, giving home owners more stylish choice than ever before.

Blinds come in many different styles, from traditional Venetian, through Roman & Vertical blinds, all the way to modern, Vision style manual or motorised, remote operated blinds. Continue reading “Window Blinds – The Home Furnishing Revolution”

Photography Like Professionals

Professional Photography Skills

There are many shortcuts, tips and tricks that photography professionals use to take better photos every time.

Once you have taken enough pictures to be totally familiar with your camera, you will have a few starting points for your cameras settings for different subjects. After all, if you are taking a panoramic photo you have a different shutter speed, aperture setting and ISO starting point than if you are taking fast Continue reading “Photography Like Professionals”

Principles Of Google Friendly SEO

Google Friendly SEO Strategy

Top Google rankings rely on a range of search engine friendly SEO processes to promote your site content while staying within the upper and lower ‘naturalisation’ limits.

If you exceed any of these limits then you drop in SERPs. The main exclusion filters are;

  • Load Speed
  • Over Optimization On-Page
  • Over Optimization Off-Page
  • Low Quality Link Sources
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Content Quality

If your site fails to load quickly, or contains Continue reading “Principles Of Google Friendly SEO”

Driving & Alcohol

With Regard To Alcohol

One of the most widely available and widely used drugs within our society today, is still the one that has been around since the Stone Age, namely alcohol.

The basic formula hasn’t changed a great deal, barley, water and yeast for beer, and fruit, usually grapes, water and yeast for wine. The basic end result is ethyl alcohol, although Continue reading “Driving & Alcohol”